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Comprehensive Site Conversion

We have pioneered and perfected a unique professional service that will convert your entire site from Ning to a cutting-edge BuddyPress website.

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Convert your users, keep their email logins and keep their avatars.



Migrate your groups, discussions and replies. All properly time-stamped.

Photos & Files

Move all of your photos, documents and embedded files.

Are you still using Ning?

I’m sure you don’t need us to elaborate the multitude of reasons why you need to migrate off of your Ning site.  But if feasibility and price are stopping you, we’re here to help.  Don’t pay another month of Ning fees, let’s migrate your site this week.

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The Damage

Here’s what you can expect for the our professional service migration.

Each migration is a custom professional service, so each migration will have it’s own cost.

Let’s talk through your site migration and figure out the perfect solution for you.

Do It Yourself

For the Developer-Savvy
  • Basic import tool code
  • Implementation guide
  • Access to our developers
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Small Sites

Up to 1,000 Users
  • Handled by a pro service expert
  • Users & Avatars
  • Discussions & Groups
  • Imported into your theme
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Sites Converted

Users Transferred

GB's of Data Migrated

Frequently Asked Questions

There has got to be a plugin for this, right?

We thought the same thing! Now… there is a users-only import from WPMU Dev.  So if that’s all you need to do, pay them the $50- it’s worth it. There is also a plugin that was last touched about 2 years ago that attempted to do this.  Like many endeavors, this migration entails a lot of custom touch points (e.x. groups, discussions, files, etc) which a single plugin can’t handle.

Our star developer, Justin Martin, is in the top 1% of developers on the globe and has created a framework for our professional service experts to leverage to migrate your site to a level of perfection a plug-and-play solution never could.

What's Plain Name Media?

Okay… we know you didn’t ask that question, but let us tell you anyways!  We are a professional web services agency.  We support some of the world’s top brands and agencies.  We are true industry experts in the web world and we’re happy to lend this service as part of our ongoing effort to improve the digital presence of our amazing list of clients.  Let’s add you to it.

How long does this take?

This depends on the size of your Ning site, but typically it can be done in under a week.  For large sites, expect 2 weeks from end to end delivery.

What will your migration cover?

We will migrate everything that makes sense to bring over.

  1. Users – to include avatars and user’s status (active or inactive)
  2. Groups – your existing groups, the activity there and the associated forum
  3. Discussions – all of your forums and the associated replies
  4. Photos – we’ll import the photos section and move those files to your new server
  5. Time stamping – this may seem trivial, but it’s crucial to preserving to the perceived history of your site.  We’ll ensure each comment, forum, post, photo and reply has the right date and time from when it was posted on your ning site.
  6. Videos? If you want those, we’ll happily bring them over- just know that Ning uses a very archaic flash-based video format which is not mobile friend and will likely reduce the perceived quality and modernity of your new site.

Enough reading! Send us a note so one of our humans can talk the rest of the process through with you.

What's with the price tag?

If you’re thinking “gosh, that’s cheap!” … thanks! We agree.

If you’re thinking the exact opposite, we get it.  This is a professional service provided by our agency and not a one-click plugin.  The service is very consultative in nature and we will ensure that your concerns are addressed, your questions answered and that your new site represents the digital presence you’re striving to achieve.

We are a completely U.S.-based agency, with extremely talent individuals that cover all of our main time zones (to include Hawaii).  If you purchase our service, your expert will be English-native speaking, have a direct phone number you can call and a response time that fits your operating schedule.

Since some of our biggest clients are based in Australia and the U.K. we will be sure to cover your schedules of availability as well.